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Honey Badger • 7068 v1

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Image of Honey Badger • 7068 v1
  • Image of Honey Badger • 7068 v1
  • Image of Honey Badger • 7068 v1
  • Image of Honey Badger • 7068 v1
  • Image of Honey Badger • 7068 v1

This is a collaboration between Jeremy Park of ZipLine Strings, and Justin Bui of Unspoken Yoyos, and the 3rd iteration of the Honey Badger.

Each HB comes with an HB pin, HB sticker, ZipLine String, and a ZipLine PaddlePick.

- A little about this new version >>>

We’ve been experimenting with 3 different iterations of the next round of HB’s. The idea behind the changes in the 7068 v1 was to noticeably display what can be done when you switch to a denser material, and alter the weight distribution. This is not just the same design with a new material, it’s a fresh take on how to take advantage of 7068

The dimensions are pretty much the same as with the 6061, but we've thinned the walls, dropped the overall weight, and sifted the mid/rim weight ratio, favoring more towards the rims. The previous Original HB was 63.37g, the 6061 v2 is 63.75g, and this one weighs in at 63.05g On paper, it might not seem like much, but if you’ve played the previous two, we promise that you'd be able to tell the difference. The new 7068 v1 is quite elegant - it’s light and fast, while being incredibly stable. You’ll love it!!!

Additional Note: We used the same manufacture as with the new 6061 v2, which allowed us to achieve the same smooth, satiny blast and anodization, along with the same high quality pads and bearing.

Width: 42mm
Diameter: 54.98mm
Gap Width: 4.4mm
Mass: 63.05g
Material: 7068 Aluminum
Bearing: CT style
Pads: 19mm slimpads
Color: Commander Green

- Product Description >>>

The Honey Badger is aimed at being an enjoyable, feature rich EDC, while not drawing too much attention to gimmicks. And although we didn't necessarily set out for this to perform like a beast, it can definitely hold its own.

The profile is inspired by the Apollo, but also incorporates the simplistic outer face of the Paradox, along with inner cup styling and weight distribution of the Riddle. The HB has our absolute favorite Unspoken features packed into one throw. Not only that, Justin was also great at implementing our additional design preferences, which allowed for even greater comfort and more feature friendliness.

We find that the Honey Badger is an absolute delight for packing around, and it's fully capable of pulling off and showing off just about anything you throw at it! If it were my only yoyo in my carry-on luggage, I'd be perfectly happy with that!

Original Price: $65
B-Grade Price: $45

7068 v1 B-Grade Release Date: 03.06.20 @ 6pm (Mountain Time)
7068 v1 Original Release Date: 12.06.19 @ 6pm (Mountain Time)