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Introducing ZipLine LoopStick! A small size rosin that you can use anytime you need to add a bit of adhesiveness to your string loop.

Just one of the many simple solutions to the slippy loop syndrome, which is something that you may experience with our SkyLine strings or any other nylon strings that you might already use.

Although, this is only one solution of many, we felt responsible to at least offer up something for those who are just being introduced to nylon strings for the first time.

To use: lay the provided flannel wrap on a hard flat surface, place the looped section of your yoyo string onto the fabric, and firmly rub the string with the rosin piece (on and around the entire loop area).

Confused? Don't worry, we'll be putting up a tutorial very soon :)

DISCLAIMER: Rosin can be very fragile and may shatter if dropped onto a hard surface. Please keep your rosin safely wrapped in the (provided) flannel wrap, when not being used.