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MYY Hotdiggidy

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***2020 SALE - b-grades for $20.95***

This is the official signature yoyo of our teammate, Dylan Kowalski.

b-grade = $20.95
regular grade = $29.95

- From ZipLine >>>

When we decided to start carrying a handful of yoyos, we really wanted to offer a great all-arounder at a super friendly price. We aimed to do this with our Honey Badger yoyo, but once we got into the thick of it, we soon found out that it was impossible for us to do it at a budget price. This didn't stop us from desiring to carry a budget friendly, feature rich, high performing yoyo - that's where the Hotdiggidy steps in.

It's so feature packed (wide catch zone with plenty of space for finger grinds; beefy rims that keep things incredibly stable and long spinning; huge thumb grind lip; finger spin cup) - it seriously has it all!!!

The Hotdiggity is an excellent yoyo for it's price - performing closer to the 40-50 dollar price range, in our opinion, and we are seriously impressed with how Magic Yoyo is able to produce such high performing designs at prices this low - it's just ridiculous.

***B-grades are available at a 30% discount, due to vibe*** offering b-grades was something that we negotiated with Magic Yoyo, as we thought it would be nice to weed out some vibier ones from being sold at full price, allowing a higher number of smoother yoyos at full price. This also allows us to sell discounted ones for up-and-coming throwers, and for those looking for an amazing beater throw***

65.6 grams
Diameter 56.00mm
Width 43.34mm
Gap Width: 4.45mm
Stainless steel axle
Concave Bearing
Bead blasted body and cup