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ReminderLINE • Bracelet

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  • Image of ReminderLINE • Bracelet

Set Goals - Don’t Forget - Wear Something to Remind You.

Each bracelet sold separately.

COLORS: [Blue/Light Blue] * [Red/Orange] *[Neon Pink/Purple] * [Neon Yellow/Neon Green] * [Black/Grey]
THICKNESS: [more than twice the thickness of yoyo string]
FORUMLA: [high quality polyester base thread, spun in a candy cane pattern]
LENGTH: [10.5" - single knotted on both ends]

Okay, it may seem cheesy, but there’s actually a really great story behind why we decided to make these, so here’s the skinny. During the week leading up to Easter, we decided to set a goal in order to help us get into the spirit of the holiday. The goal was to find one person who we felt could use a little help, and maybe we could do something nice for them to lift their burdens. An old tradition was to tie a piece of twine around your wrist to serve as a reminder, which we wanted to do, but we couldn’t find twine anywhere. One of those lightbulb moments occurred, “we have all the material we need to make a really sweet string, cut it down into matching bracelets, and we can all wear them as a family!!!”

Throughout each day the bracelet was a constant reminder to find someone we could help, and at the end of each day we could ask, “did we find anyone?”

At some point during this experience we thought, “wow, I wonder if we should make some of these available for our ZipLine friends, in case they might want a reminder bracelet too?” Well, we decided to go for it, and they’re finally ready!

Constructed from the same high quality polyester material and same level of care we use to make our yoyo strings, in colorways that help you remember your goals - whatever they may be.