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*Slushy Edition* Sample Pack v3.0

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Image of *Slushy Edition* Sample Pack v3.0
  • Image of *Slushy Edition* Sample Pack v3.0
  • Image of *Slushy Edition* Sample Pack v3.0

Includes one of each string:
- Tangerine Twist v2.0
- Grape Escape
- Busta Lime
- Cranberry Crush
- Smurfberry Blast

MATERIAL [100% polyester]

Even a good thing can always use an improvement. It all started with the Slushy Edition, and it’s now been tweaked for this 3rd revision. The most noticeable change is with our orange string, “Tangerine Twist.” The color has been updated to [neon orange + clockwork orange + white]. We feel that this blend makes more sense and plays more consistent with the other strings in the Slushy Edition. And, if you were in love with the previous color, don’t worry, that version has been tweaked and will be added to our *Performance Edition* family, but we’ll save that for another conversation 😜

For more details about the Slushy Edition blend, please visit our website or you can even find details for the individual string colorways, right here in the store. Just scroll though the products for your favorite Slushy color, click, and read the description 😍

Much Love