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Stranger Strings (continued)

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Image of Stranger Strings (continued)
  • Image of Stranger Strings (continued)
  • Image of Stranger Strings (continued)
  • Image of Stranger Strings (continued)
  • Image of Stranger Strings (continued)

We like experimenting with new ideas, and when we come across something cool, we often make extra strings or small batches along the way. Most of the time the strings play great, but some don’t ever see the light of day because they don't yet have a home. We believe that the great ones should be played, so we started out selling some under the generic name, “test strings.” We’re changing how we do this. We're now referring to them as individual Case Studies under the blanketed name, "Stranger Strings." Some of these strings could be the future, and some of them might only be a one time thing.

We’ll only release the ones that are very playable, and if we believe that you’ll enjoy them - the bad ones get tossed aside and forgotten about forever ;)

Here's there scoop with these Case Studies:

Case Study #075 [Mystic Smoothie • (dark turquoise + neon green]
- based from one of our new favorites, Case Study No.050, which was made specifically for the Unspoken Yoyos “Mystic”. We decided to run a few different colorways, using the Mystic formula. This was the 5th of 5 Mystic expansions. This particular color blend feels a bit grittier than the other, but will still break in nicely.

Case Study #076 [Executive Class *Lite* “Carnival Candy” TWIST • (baby pinks and baby blues]
- this is based on the Executive Class *Lite” blend, but is twisted in a candy cane pattern. It’s takes a great amount of focus and labor to make these, so the discount is a little less than with our other Stranger Strings, BUT… they sure look beautiful!!!

Case Study #077 [Executive Class *Lite* “Carnival Candy” Blast • (baby pinks and baby blues]
- same as #076, but without the candy cane pattern, therefore priced a little less ;) Plays about the same.

Case Study #078 - 080 [Executive Class *Lite* “Darkroom Edition” • (black with a smidgen of color]
- this is based on the Executive Class *Lite” blend, but done in our Darkroom Edition style.

Case Study #081 [Executive Class *Lite* “Darkroom Edition” • (black with a smidgen of color]
- one of each of 078, 079, and 080

Case Study #082 [Smoothie Edition *Strait Fire* • (variety of intense reds and oranges]
- just really wanted to try this color in our smoothie edition formula. turned out AMAZING!!!

Case Study #083 - 085 [Executive Class *Lite* - Color Experiments • (baby blues and light purples]

Case Study #086 - 088 [Executive Class - Color Experiments • (baby blues and light purples]
- non *Lite* / thicker version

Case Study #089 [Parkenstein Special • (neon yellow + neon green + white)]
- This is the exact blend that Jeremy was carrying around and handing out at PNWR. This is a further tweaked version of Case Study #050, “Mystic White.” He loved that blend so much that he took it even further - tweaking the twist, length, and color to be exactly what he’d personally prefer to use as an EDC. We're looking to place it somewhere more permanent, eventually, but for now … it’ll live right here ;)

Case Study #090 [Signature Plus - “Yinser Classy” TWSIT • (gold + black + white]
- Doing a little prototyping for a Throws N Brews throwback color. Yinser Classy was one of Tom’s original signature colorways, which we’ve since retired. We thought it would be cool to try something new with the current skillset and materials we now have. This one is made up of the Signature Plus blend (poly with a kiss of soft nylon), but we do it up into a candy cane pattern. Black and white on one half with bright gold on the other. Puts off a bit of a bumble bee vibe, yeah?