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YoyoFactory Meerkat

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  • Image of YoyoFactory Meerkat

***$15 quarantine credit with a purchase of a Meerkat*** Use code: MEERKAT

This is the official signature yoyo of our newest teammate, Betty Gallegos.

Each Meerkat purchased from ZipLine comes with the following:

- Standard YoyoFactory Box (with standard YYF box contents)
- 1 Betty Flamingo Prototype string (Betty Gallegos signature ZipLine string)
- 1 Smoothie Edition string (our newest poly/nylon hybrid)
- 1 ZipLine PaddlePick (wooden axle picker with ZipLine engraving)
- 1 Pink ZipLine vinyl sticker (newly designed inverse logo)
*** Plus all the standard care you get with each ZipLine order (card from the fam, thoughtful packaging, etc.) ***

- From ZipLine >>>

Not that you don't already know, but Betty is a rockstar. She's on YoyoFactory's contest team and holds current titles as Mexico State Champion and 2x Women's Division 1A World Champion. Yeah, that's super rad, right?!?

This is one of those bi-metal yoyos that you can really feel is made for a serious player. It's powerful, stable, and extremely precise, while at the same time feeling quite graceful on the string. It's a fully capable, competition ready throw that doesn't fall short in any category, and it was even used to win the 2019 Worlds 1A Women's Division Title.

The Meerkat just has this "perfect while still being enjoyable" vibe to it. It's not too much or too little of anything - it's just the right amount of everything ;) We couldn't be happier to be carrying some of these beauties!

65.4 grams
Diameter 56.75mm
Width 45.75mm
Stainless steel axle
Center Trac Bearing

- From YoyoFactory >>>

Betty plays yo-yo. She beats the boys & takes their lunch money on the regular. She named her yoyo after a cute animal just to trick you. Don’t be fooled.

Introducing the current Mexican National Champion and 2x Women’s World Champion Betty Gallegos’s first signature yoyo by YoYoFactory. We started the design process working with the yoyos she previously used and somewhere along the way something new was born. Speed, power and finesse. The perfect match for Betty and the yoyo she used to capture the 2019 World Title.

***Note*** Assembly and QC for all YYF products have been conducted at YoyoFactory, USA. This is not a ZipLine product - we are simply the retailer.