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Paddle Pick

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We recently discovered our favorite way to remove axle knots, so it made perfect sense to carry some of our own. The Paddle Pick is much safer on your ano than pokey metal things or paper clips, and it’s kinda cool with that ZipLine logo.

***updated on 02.07.20. We searched around, bought a few different brands, and found a new model of paddle picks that is much stronger than the previous version we carried. It's a little thicker, but the same length. The cost is a little higher for better quality, but we decided to keep the same retail price. How 'bout them apple ;)
Sure, you can go buy a pack of a hundred blanks so you can throw one in your yoyo bag, or you could just grab a single from us. Yes, we have to charge a small fee for them because we paid to have them engraved, but it ain’t no biggie - it’s cheap ♥️