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[kot-n] Boutique Cotton

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100% Boutique Cotton

***Made specifically to complement your boutique fixed axle wooden yoyos.***

COLOR [white + more white]
THICKNESS [standard/regular]
FORMULA [premium cotton]
MATERIAL [100% multi cotton blend]
LENGTH: [48-49" unstretched]

Product Description:

After over two years in the making, we’ve finally had some serious breakthroughs in cotton string making. These are designed and constructed using the absolute best quality cotton ingredients we could get our hands on, and they are the most laborious strings we’ve ever made 😅.

[kot-n] is carefully composed of multiple cotton types and strategically layered with various stages of twists. It's honestly a mind bender how much goes into the production process, but we feel that it's worth the extensive effort.

Our goal was to create something that doesn't feel like your typical generic cotton string, but something that's familiar enough to where it shouldn't be a jarring experience or adjustment from what you're already used to. We hope that you'll find these to be more comfortable than standard cotton, while still being able to out muscle those "normies" which are sold in bulk from factories. We really wanted these to be special, and the only way we can do this is by using very unconventional materials in ways that aren't easy to understand, lol.

Some kind words of praise from one of our favorite fixed axle players of all time, Ed Haponik:

"When ZipLine first shared that they were working on a boutique cotton string, my heart leapt, but I had my doubts. Making a great cotton string is just fundamentally different from poly. I was SO relieved when I received some of the first ZipLine Kot-N to test, because from the first session I could tell that it was not only going to work, but really provide superior play experience.

Most cotton yo-yo string is pretty generic stuff. While the mid-00’s saw a crazy surge in boutique polyester string which deeply affected how players approached whips and slack, there was never a boutique cotton analog. Enter ZipLine “Kot-N” at last - the first craft cotton developed for fixed axle and the best string I’ve played on wood, period. It breaks in great, plays consistently on both sides, holds Kickflip loops wide open, and it LASTS.

I don’t generally get super stoked about yo-yo string, but this is great stuff, and the fact that ZipLine chose to develop a string for fixie players says a lot about how relevant that style has become."

***Disclaimer from the string maker***

Depending on the type of response and material your fixed axle yoyo is constructed of, these strings can require a bit more of a break-in period than generic cotton strings, but you'll find that it's well worth it. It's important that we also mention that we haven't done extensive testing across every brand of fixed axle yoyo on the block, so we can't guarantee that they'll immediately work fabulously on everything you own. With wooden yoyos with textured response, they'll break in fairly quickly, but with yoyos with a very smooth or worn out textured response, it could take a considerably longer break-in period (around 2 or so minutes of consistent play, preferably with an over cranked string tension, or with a little added wax or chapstick at the end of the string loop). With fixed axle yoyos utilizing a "multi holes" response system, like O.U.T. or Spinworthy, these strings break in much faster and start responding naturally within a few tosses.