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Darkroom Edition

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Available as 5-string variety packs
(Or) as single color 5-packs

COLORS = [black + one highlight color]

- black/deep red
- black/dark royal
- black/dark green
- black/dark purple
- black/charcoal

THICKNESS = [between REGS and THICK]
FORMULA = [business class]
MATERIAL [100% polyester]

After much anticipation, On September 1st, we finally released our first round of Darkroom Edition strings. ZipLine has been at it for months, trying to come up with a formula that would play nicely with our *Slushy Edition* and *Business Class Edition* strings, and I think we've finally done it. The Darkroom Edition strings share very similar characteristics as our Signature Edition strings, being that they are a Slushy/Business Class hybrid, which utilizes our core-thread blend. However, being that these are close to 85% black, they also have an identity of their own. While in motion, each highlight color seems to, ever so lightly, add a slight glow color to this predominantly black string.

For our second round, we decided to move into some more classy, darker colors, while increasing the highlight color thread count. This allows the colors to pop a bit more, while still showcasing the true intent of the black string.

As with our *Slushy Edition* strings, some of these may start off a bit rough and grippy, but they break in nicely after a few tosses.

If you're into black strings, try one with a ZipLine twist ;)