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Executive Class *LITE*

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  • Image of Executive Class *LITE*
  • Image of Executive Class *LITE*
  • Image of Executive Class *LITE*

NEW Premium Nylon/Poly blend!!! ***Blend Updated 09/06/19***

This blend has been newly updated with a modified v2 twist, and we replaced our poly core thread with a smoother, less ridged polyester. This allows for a bit nicer, more luxurious throwing sensation.

Now available in boutique 3-packs.

COLORS: [Powder Blue, Lavender, Red, Orange, and Gold]
THICKNESS: [regular]
FORUMLA: [premium smooth nylon + polyester core thread]
LENGTH: [48" - unstretched / unlooped]

lite (/līt/) adjective
1. relating to low-fat or low-sugar versions of manufactured food or drink products.

Close enough! In this case we’re referring to a new version of Executive Class with slightly less of our polyester core mixture and with a modified twist.

***Description of our Executive Class regular blend***

This is our premium nylon/poly take on our *Business Class* polyester color set.

We’ve been hinting at new formulas, and have been working harder than we’ve ever worked to get them absolutely perfect. Welcome to *Executive Class*.

Utilizing an entirely new nylon material not found in our previous SkyLine blends, updating the poly core thread to a softer version, and implementing new production methods; this string is a horse of a different color!