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Executive Class *Lite* White

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Image of Executive Class *Lite* White

Premium Nylon/Poly blend

Available in boutique 3-packs.

COLOR: [white]
THICKNESS: [regular]
FORUMLA: [premium smooth nylon + polyester core thread]
LENGTH: [48" - unstretched / unlooped]

This white version was specifically added to the Executive Class lineup to accompany our very own Honey Badger yoyo. We found that when we updated the HB with grippier translucent pads, the Executive Class blend was the perfect match. We also just think that there's nothing classier than a white string. Put 2 and 2 together and there you have it!

This blend has been newly updated with a modified v2 twist, and we replaced our poly core thread with a smoother, less ridged polyester. This allows for a bit nicer, more luxurious throwing sensation.

lite (/līt/) adjective
1. relating to low-fat or low-sugar versions of manufactured food or drink products.

Close enough! In this case we’re referring to a new version of Executive Class with slightly less of our polyester core mixture and with a modified twist.

***Description of our Executive Class regular blend***

This is our premium nylon/poly take on our *Business Class* polyester color set.

We’ve been hinting at new formulas, and have been working harder than we’ve ever worked to get them absolutely perfect. Welcome to *Executive Class*.

We utilize an entirely new nylon material not found in our original SkyLine blends, updated the poly core thread to a softer version, and implemented new production methods; this string is a horse of a different color!