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Executive Class *Lite* - Scales Teal

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Image of Executive Class *Lite* - Scales Teal
  • Image of Executive Class *Lite* - Scales Teal

Premium Nylon/Poly blend, made specifically to enhance your boutique yoyo experience.

***A portion of all Scales Edition colorways help provide sponsorship funding for our friends over at Scales Collective***

Available in boutique 3-packs.

COLOR: [light teal n + neon green]
THICKNESS: [regular]
FORUMLA: [premium smooth nylon + polyester core thread]
LENGTH: [48" - unstretched / unlooped]

This *Lite* version has 2 threads less poly material than our standard Executive Class blend.

Executive Class is our premium nylon/poly take on our poplular *Business Class* polyester strings. The primary idea here is to offer a string with a classy/luxurious feel in a low key color profile; something you'd lace on that boutique throw you're bringing with you to a wedding reception - you know, the one you've been dreading. You have to wear a tie and slacks, but you still wanna throw.

Executive Class strings are made from an entirely new nylon material not found in our original SkyLine Classic or SkyLine Prime blends. In addition, we've updated the poly core thread to a softer version, and implemented new production methods. All in all, this makes for a smoother, more luxurious throwing sensation.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** These are very slick, smooth, and incredibly whippy. We strongly advise that you check how slippery your string loop is around your finger before going to town on a full-on throwing session. If your hands are generally very dry, the finger loop could have more slip than you're used to. We suggest tying a double slip knot or using some form of string rosin (which we carry in accessories).