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July Deals and Info

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****on restock day we make all inventory offline, aka "coming soon" until 6pm****

Here’s our JULY highlights:

* MYSTERY BAGS!!! Our first ever mystery bag is guaranteed at least 30% more value than what you pay, and each will contain something new. There will be 2 tiers - $10 and $15.

* John Higby ***WORLD OF COLOR*** Smoothie Edition Signature Colorway

* [kot-n] 100% boutique cotton string - RESTOCKED!!! * We experienced quick sellouts 2 months in-a-row, so we've put in some overtime and produced a double batch this month. We hope everyone gets to try them that wants to, and that we can stay stocked with our favorite fixed axle string for a while longer.

* Big Nylon blend restock! We put a great deal of emphasis on getting the quantities up this month, with hopes that they can stay stocked as long as our poly blends usually can.

* SkyLine III - NEW COLORS in testing - custom hand dyed, washed and treated!!! We've assembled some sample packs in 2 variations. "Bahama Mamma" and "Lemonade Stand". Bahama Mamma contains a Neon Orange, Neon Pink, and Ocean Blue. Lemonade Stand contains the same Neon Orange and Neon Pink, but replaces the Ocean Blue with new Neon Yellow (we know some of y'all hate blue strings).

* All poly blends fully restocked, per usual :)

* ZipLine branded YoyoFactory Spinstars back in stock (red, green, and black).

>>> Continued "Highlights" from previous month >>>

* $15 quarantine credit with a purchase of a MEERKAT. (Use code: MEERKAT)

* 25% off all shirts (already priced accordingly)

* New Sticker Packs - 2 versions available. We worked really hard on these :)

* "ReminderLINE" - our very own Reminder Bracelets are finally here.

* Accessories Restocked: Paddle Picks, Loopstick, and Window Decals, oh my!!!